Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Your Halloween Soundtrack?

So, we're having a Halloween party on Friday, and everything is falling into place--bought the main ingredients yesterday for dinner, going to buy some candy and ingredients for baked yummies tonight, going to buy the last few (extremely perishable!) ingredients on Friday, for drinks and garnishes. I foresee lots of cooking on Thursday night--and I'm looking forward to it! I love putting parties and get-togethers, well, together. ;)

But... we don't have any music! This album on amazon.com is a good start (I'll download the tracks off of iTunes instead of buying it), but I need more!

Suggestions, anyone?


K. Stahler said...

Good luck with the party - hope it's a good one!

You have an award! Visit my blog for details (no obligation of course!)


sir jorge said...

You're absolutely right! When I think Halloween I think The Monster Mash.