Monday, October 6, 2008

Laazy weekend--Hello new week!

photo from Kuso Designer Toys

Ahh, what a lazy weekend! We moved a few things around the house (re-arranging is fun!), and I worked on a few new sculptures + a commission, but mostly we sat around the house watching a lot of TV. :P I've been feeling a little uninspired, so I guess I needed to take a break and veg out.

On Saturday, Plastic & Plush linked to this adorable vinyl kitten with a little sunhat! Her name is Teke the Cat, and this variant is the 'memories of summer'. I want her sooo badly, I think she's just precious. :) Too bad she's $75! Maybe she'll still be on sale in a month or two...*sigh* I still need to buy one of those Cosbaby Iron Man toys! My next paycheck is this Friday... ;)

Hopefully you guys will like the new stuff I've been working on--I should be posting some of that in the next few days. :)


Thea Schultheiss said...

Hehe lovely blog! And your work is sweet enough to eat!

I am adding you to my reading list : )


Nicki Leigh said...

I absolutely adore your work! I've never seen it on etsy. Off to check your shop.

Shelly Rodriguez said...

Thank you, girls! <3 I'm off to check out your blogs, too. :)