Friday, October 17, 2008

Moldmaking, Disaster!

Well it looks like my mold didn't work out--the first part I poured didn't set properly on the inside due to under mixing parts a + b together, and when I tried cutting into it, I was greeted with lots of blue goo. :( The second half was fine, but since I had to cut into it... its not really fine. Sigh!

The mold release really didn't seem to work--though I realized RIGHT NOW that maybe I was supposed to brush it on? That's an expensive 'oops'--each one of the little kits cost $25. :(

My little monster's arm is broken, too. It was a clean break so he'll be easy to glue back into working order, its just a bummer. Poor little guy!

I will be trying again this weekend... maybe with a one piece mold this go around? I think I have to do a little more research before trying again.


phantom42 said...

We've always sprayed the mold release on. It just takes a couple times of using it before you figure out how much really needs to go in. You want to make sure the whole thing is covered and glistening (as much as it can, being so dark in the mold) - but without there being enough to pool anywhere.

Mold making/casting is definitely hard and expensive to get used to, but it gets easier.

Doing one piece molds is, I believe, easier in the mold making parts, but a bigger pain when it comes to getting the original/cast out. Usually, you'll have to make cuts in strategic places to be able to get the piece out, and then use rubber bands to keep the mold together when you pour the resin in.

Shelly Rodriguez said...

Ahhh, see, I keep reading things that say, "put it on, but not TOO much," and the can itself says.

Since a thinner layer worked the first time, I just roughly the same amount, maybe a tiny bit more.

AND it stinks to all hell! :X

I don't know if I can even do a once piece mold on this sucker--I was thinking about that the other day. There aren't really any severe undercuts, but the arms may pose a problem--they're close to the legs, but there's a gap in between them--what do you think?