Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My games are out!

The games I've been working on for what has been almost a year, are finally out!

Littlest Pet Shop is a series of games based on the mega-hit Hasbro toy line of the same name--except now you can explore different worlds with your favorite Littlest Pets, dress them up, and play fun games along the way. :)

Its totally girlie, sugar-coated fluff, but I love it. Its also available for the Nintendo Wii and the PC!


Anonymous said...

Your stuff is so freaking CUTE! I want to follow your blog so i can see your new drawings, etc. but the follow button says "bad error command" it only happens when I click yours! I love your little creatures! LOVE!!!

Anonymous said...

Would you do a picture for me? I see the Lickity-lick one, this might be odd to ask but I have the cute-est dog, and I love pink...could you make a creature kinda like my dog but in a pastel pinky cream? I'll post a pic of her on my blog!

Shelly Rodriguez said...

Thank you! <3 I don't know why that message is popping up--but thank you for letting me know! I will try removing/re-adding the feature to see if it works. It gives me the same error you mention when I try to add myself, totally weird.

I would LOVE to draw something for you! Your dog is really cute! :) How old is she?

Email me, and we'll discuss a drawing from there: shelly [at] shellyrodriguez [dot] com

winkelf said...

Wow... That is AMAZING!!!
You must be so excited.


SolSisters said...

It's always so exciting to see your work in print! Congrats from a fellow designer.

Shelly Rodriguez said...

Thanks, everyone! Its exciting, and a relief, to see this out the door!

I hope these games make a lot of little girls happy. :)

Hot Rocks said...

Congratulations...that is really cool. You must be very proud!!

Bryan said...

I admire your work and talent. I am a prospective student of Ringling in Sarasota as well. I have to ask the question though, what was your experience like while you were there? If you could go back and do it all over again, would you? Would you change anything you did and would you do it differently and why?

I know I sound almost like a robot with those questions, but I am genuinely interested. If you could perhaps write me back with an email I would surely appreciate it... as I am certain how hard you know of how hard it is to break in to the concept art field.


Shelly Rodriguez said...

Hot Rocks; Thank you! :)

Bryan: Thank you. :) I will email you when I have some time this evening... you're actually the second Ringling prospective in a week that's found me and asked similar questions! ;) I am more than happy to help.

girliegeek said...

Congrats on the game releases!!! My better half works for GAME here in the UK so I'll ask him to pick me up a copy of one to play :D

Megan said...

Congratulations! That is so awesome!

LoserSaysTim said...

Congrats on the game making it out!
Must be relieved about making the Christmas deadlines ;)
Me and my design team have been pouring our creativity into another dimension of the LPS DS games - cute figurine stylus based on the game characters. One of them is the giraffe that is only available as a limited ed. with the game, and there's a bunch being released by PDP game accessories to coincide with the game. Only Monkey, Polar Bear and Bunny just yet, but more to come!
It's a pleasure working with your awesome character designs ;)

XombieNiteOfLivingDead said...

I am freaking OBSESSED with LPS. I am getting one or more of those games!