Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Big Bird

I finished this up last night--something different from my 'normal' cutesy art (though I used to draw this way all the time in high school/early college). Very loosely based on an ancient Phorusrhacid, or 'terror bird'. It was a lot of fun to create. :)


rkdsign88 said...

Wow you are very talented artist. Thank you so much for your visit too.
I will follow your pretty blog too, but I have little problem with my internet blogspot connection. I will keep trying though :)

Deer Mountain Creations said...

Hi Shelly,
Hope you had a great Xmas! =D
I've looked this piece over before, but didn't say anything at the time - I really like him though and thought I'd let ya know; I love your wild side! :D
I'm also wondering if you've ever done any work on "Animal Xing"? I saw in a later post that you like to play it? So, just curious :D
ttys, and Happy New Year!