Thursday, December 18, 2008

My cat is cute. ♥

Taken back in late October, when things were still green and it was (comparatively) warm outside. :) So cute!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Expect a monster EXPLOSION soon!

Sorry to post again so soon, but I wanted to share with the blogosphere. ^_^

I tried pouring again last night, and my mold worked!

No photos because I'm lame & left the camera attached to the computer overnight (so its battery is totally drained), but whee! I'm going to buy some supplies (more gloves, masks, & rubber bands) tonight after work, and hopefully I'll have quite the little monster horde to share in a few days' time. :D

I need to start working on colorways... I've had a few in mind since I started sculpting the first little monster, but I need to get them out of my sketchbook and colored up in photoshop.

OMG ~ :D

Sketch Challenge, Day 16

Monday, December 15, 2008

Sketches for Dec. 14th & 15th

New monster sculpt, almost done...

I wasn't happy with how the mold turned out for my last little monster (to say the least), so this weekend I started him from scratch! Believe it or not, he is much cuter, and smoother without the hours of sanding (thanks to the use of rubbing alcohol!).

I put him in for his first baking last night, after I add all his details, I should be finished with him tonight. :D

I am going to be trying a one-piece mold this time around, and though there are also challenges in that approach, compared to a two-piece mold, I know they're fundamentally easier. ^^;

I may even get to the moldmaking process tonight. :O


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sketch Challenge, Day 3

I used reference for the woman's face and arms, but other than that, its all me. :D I'm very happy with how that figure study turned out! I guess I'm not quite as rusty at human anatomy as I thought. :) I'm looking forward to today's figure drawing lunch!

To the lower left, I couldn't help myself - I've been playing Too Much Animal Crossing. ;) So have a chibi Shiba Inu and Japanese Bobtail! Awwww.

As always, click for larger!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sketch Challenge, Day 2

I decided to do some anatomy practice from one of my college textbooks, and feel like it turned out pretty well. The hand on the bottom arm is funky, but after it was pointed out to me that the hand in the original image was badly drawn in the first place I let it go.

I'm very happy with the girl character. :) I want to refine and fix her up for simple photoshop coloring.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sketch Challenge, Days 0 & 1

I've decided that I need to keep a sketchbook again, like I did in college - I improved so much when I did, but I've fallen out of the habit! So for the entire month of December I've challenged myself to fill up one sketchbook page per day - though since my sketchbook is small, I may bump that up to two pages. I guess we'll see how I feel each day. :)

The image with marker sketches is what originally gave me this idea, and was done on the weekend. The image with the figure study was done last night.