Saturday, October 25, 2008

Thanks, Hasbro!

On Wednesday, we had am impromptu meeting at work--Hasbro had wanted to show all of us on the Littlest Pet Shop team their appreciation for making Littlest Pet Shop the best game that we possibly could, having never made a DS game before!

I think its wonderful that Hasbro recognized each and every one of us--and look, there's my name~! :D


ismoyo said...

What a treasure! Sounds like a great project to have been working on!

LizzyT said...

Congratulations, sounds like the kind of game my daughter would love. I will have to look out for it.

Shelly Rodriguez said...

Ismoyo, it really was a wonderful project to work on! I love the people on my team. :)

Lizzyt, thank you! :)