Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My art--and lots other awesome stuff--for FREE!

Yeah, you heard me right! FREE! All you have to do is visit the MAUstudio blog and leave a comment about an item you like that is in one of the sponsor's shops. Easy peasy!

The giveaway will last for the entire month of October, with different items up for grabs each week; this week you have a chance at winning all of the items below (including one of my bunni cell phone charms!):

Check it out HERE!

Cute Iron Man Toys!

Photo from bigbadtoystore.com
Iron Man was hands down my favorite movie this summer--and my favorite comic book movie to date! The movie actually made me interested in reading the comic, so that's something. :)

A friend linked me to these toys this afternoon--such cute little renditions of Tony Stark & the Iron Man suit! :D I want them all, but at $100 for the set I don't know if I can splurge on them right now. :P Since they're also sold separately, maybe I'll get the little Tony Stark in red Iron Man armor... heehee!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bubbling Cocktails

photo from marthastewart.com

This idea for Halloween party drinks is one of the cutest I've ever seen! Now to find a set of affordable erlenmeyer flasks... full recipe here.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sweet cuppin 'cakes!

These little guys are both so cute! Find more cute amigurumi arts at curlsofsunshine.etsy.com!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Sloooooooooooooooooow day at work, since we're wrapping up part of a project. So I drew some birds! Trying to explore different styles a bit, since Xavi pointed out that I don't really do that... I need to diversify!

My favorite is the bird at the top, center, singing his little heart out. :) My second favorite is the bird on the branch...

Which one is your favorite? :)


Last night, before going to bed, I got a magical invite in my inbox--my request to join in on the Spoonflower beta had been approved! Yay!

Wait, what is Spoonflower? Its a site for artists and designers to create designs to be printed directly to fabric--since its in beta, its by invite only, but I have seen some awesome work come out of it!

berrysprite animals
By berrysprite

tentacle fabric final sm
By Miss Monster

I am in love with these happy little whales!
Little whale fabric pattern
By sugar-cookie

I can't wait to experiment with it--I smell a weekend project!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Getting back into the swing of things...

Tsk, tsk, I'm such a bad blogger! Lots of exciting (and hush-hush) stuff is happening at work, and I've had a spat of laziness--I'm doing stuff, rest assured! Making packaging and stuffing little bags with buttons isn't the most exciting thing to blog about, though. ;)

Anyway, here is a banner I made out of my squiddle artwork, I squeed in glee the first time I ran the animation and he blinked at me!

I know I still need to tinker with timing--but I'm really pleased with the blinking portion of this banner.

Monday, September 22, 2008

So who else is excited about watching Heroes tonight?

I am! I'll admit that I'm a terrible fan and didn't even realize that it was coming on tonight, until a friend at work started talking about it. D'oh!

Who is your favorite character? Mine is Hiro, he's so funny and adorable! I want to be best friends with him. :)

I hadn't realized how fast September has passed by, the month is almost done! Soon Californication and Dexter will start back up, I and can't wait!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Now Playing: SPORE

I , like many people, have been waiting anxiously for years to play this game since it was first announced, and finally its released!

I've played through the first four stages of the game so far (cell, creature, tribal and part of civilization), and its a gorgeous, gorgeous game.
Right now it feels like its a quick play-through, however enjoyable it may be. I do wish there was a little bit more depth to the first three stages (I played through the first three stages in about 5 hours), though the fourth stage seems to have a lot of 'layers' so far. I've heard that the Space stage is like playing a whole new game, so I'm really looking forward to that. :)

I also hope that in future expansions that the game play is deepened even more! I can see a lot more layers being put into each level of the game, to enrich the experience further.

One of the coolest features of this game is the editor--you can create your monsters, buildings, and vehicles through the editor, and the combination are endless--There are more unique creatures in the 'Sporepedia' than exist in the real world!

It is available for MAC & PC, if you liked the Sims & science fiction, go ahead and give this a shot. :)

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Yay! I've started listing them in my etsy store, please take a look if you're interested--only $2 each!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Winter stuff already?

Sorry, yes! I was in a holiday mood the week I was sculpting him, so now you're stuck looking at him. ;) More photos of him are on my etsy, for those that are curious. :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Little bloo guy

He stands aaaalmost 4" tall.I will be experimenting with making a mold and casts of this little guy's (nearly) identical twin very soon. :)

Back from Vegas!

We got home last night, but I didn't feel like updating. So there! Instead of art, have a photo! I don't know exactly why this was taken (nothing too exciting that I can see going on in the background), but eh! Photo evidence we were there. ;) I do have some art to post later, never fear. :)

Ah yes--Koi was very good, but nothing special. The prices for sushi were average, but their special items (special rolls and dishes) were very high. Craftsteak, however, was absolutely divine. I don't eat steak/beef very often, but this is the best I've ever had, hands down. It melted in my mouth, it was so tender!

It was of course expensive, but that's ok! How often does one go to Las Vegas, after all? ;)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Going to Las Vegas!

We're headed to Las Vegas for the next few days! I've never been to Las Vegas before, and neither has Xavi. I'm really excited about seeing all the lights, drinking, people watching, shopping... everything just sounds awesome.

I'm getting more and more excited to try my hand at gambling, but I am 100% excited about eating there! We've already made a reservation for Craftsteak, owned by Tom Colicchio, the head judge on Top Chef.

Currently I have my eye on KOI for another reservation--visit the website, I implore you! The restaurant looks AMAZING. The food sounds yummy, too. ;)

I have the feeling that we'll be spending a loooot of money on food and drinks, but whatever! VEGAS!

Anyone out there have any tips or favorite places to see/eat on the strip? I'd love to hear your recommendations!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Today's Cuteness: Unique Toys and Comics by Megan Baehr

I am absolutely in love with this little robin, I think he is the most darling thing! Find him, and more of his friends (a pegasus, a dragon, and a griffon~!) at nonesuchgarden.etsy.com!

New Product : Octi Charm

A new item I made for my etsy store. Read more and see more pictures of him here!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Littlest Pet Shop DS

Littlest Pet Shop is the first game that I've worked on from the (almost) beginning right through to the very end. Exciting! Hopefully little girls will love it. :) I worked on a lot of assets for this game--lots of textures, a few 3D models, and some of the mini game graphics. I worked a bit on the Wii version of the game as well, but mostly I was on the Nintendo DS project. I'm excited to see what the final game is like. :)

In the meantime we're already working on the next (unannounced) project, which looks like it'll be a lot of fun, too!

Our team is having a cookout this afternoon in celebration, yum! When I think about that, it'll probably be the last one for the year... I noticed on the drive to work yesterday, that the leaves are already turning yellow! And we had to wear long-sleeved shirts yesterday, it was a bit brisk! Summer feels like it lasts forever in Utah, I feel like its very strange to see the seasons changing so abruptly...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mary Blair

I recognized her work subconsciously (since it was in Disney movies, cartoons, children's books, the list goes on and on,), but only now do I realize I love her work!

I feel really fortunate to work at a company where I'm exposed to styles I might not discover on my own.

Read more on her life & work for Disney,here

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pinkie Monster

I don't know what she is, but she's a little odd and a little cute! More photos & info here

Tapir! Tapir! Tapir!

Just look at that cheeky expression! :)

One of my planned entries for the Hogle Zoo's World of the Wild art show will be a sculpture of a baby Malayan Tapir. These animals are odd compared to most, and have a primitive feel to them. They're actually related to horses and rhinos, which I thought was interesting.
Aaand, one more adorable photo, for good luck! ;)

Halloweenie Octopus

I finished her last night... I think she turned out rather cute! More photos of her are on my etsy, for those who are curious.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Cute Bento Lunches!

I used to make bento lunches a lot, but mine were never as cute as this one! Find more cute images like these at e-obento.com--the ladies that make these lunches are artists, too!

I started down this bento path because I LOVE Japanese food. The ingredients are a little unusual (and depending on your area, may hard to find), but once you build up a stock of basics, making Japanese food is simple, delicious and satisfying. :)

Sadly, ever since we moved in January, making bento for lunch has fallen by the wayside. Its something I really need to get back into--not only does it save a lot of money, but its also a lot healthier than eating out or eating pre-packaged, frozen meals (which I used to eat a lot in college, but they have too much sodium & a multitude of preservatives, ICK!).

Lunch in a Box is probably my favorite bento blog; the author lives with her husband and son in San Fransico, and she used to live in Japan when she was younger. Her main goal with the blog is to help share tips for making quick, healthy lunches for children (specifically her son), but of course the recipes can be used for adults, too. ;)
She has a lot of how-to tutorials with plenty of photos, and a lot of recipes that are simple and can be made ahead of time for fast packing later.

I'm so inspired to cook right now! I think I'll be starting a new 'freezer stash' of food this evening. :)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Goldfish Necklace

I love how this necklace sits on the wearer's neck, as if it were swimming in air. I love goldfish and koi--and this rendition is no exception.

Buy it here.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

new button designs

I designed some buttons! I'll be sending them off to the printer soon.

Friday, September 5, 2008

The Power of Wall Decals

I think that wall decals are so clever in the ability to change a room without the fuss of paint (messy), or extensive rearranging (heavy and annoying!). Its also an easy way to update a room and add a graphic, modern flair without spending too much on art and framing costs.

I have this on my wishlist--except in white, to lighten the aqua and red color scheme we have in our bedroom. :)

Green Tea Cake

I've made this a few times, and its absolutely delicious. Recipe (and photo credit goes to) littlepaths @ vox

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Now Playing: Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness

I love video games--I don't play a whole lot through to completion (I am very easily distracted by the next shiny new game), but I still love them. I guess I'm kinda obligated to love them since I work in the games industry. ;)

Right now I'm playing Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness, for the Nintendo DS. If you're not familiar with this series, its about cultivating the land, raising cows, sheep and other livestock, and eventually raising a family.

Yeah, sounds a little boring--maybe a lot boring--but I can play this game (and its predecessors) for HOURS on end, tending to my crops and my livestock game day after game day without getting bored. I played the latest Gamecube version for almost a week, and I'm sure when the Wii version comes out in the next week or two I'll be playing that in non-stop sessions every day, too!

All this is done in a super cutesy way, of course. Every single iteration I've played of this game has proven super addictive to me, the cute animals certainly don't hurt, though!

I haven't gotten any animals yet. :( I really want some of the pink sheep, they look like they're made out of cotton candy! Yum!

Too bad a new contender for my precious time was released on Tuesday: Infinite Undiscovery. It sure is pretty...

Piggie Business Card Design

pigglecard, originally uploaded by shellyrodriguezart.

Another design for my new business cards... I am in love with little piggies lately, I can't stop making them! So cute~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

World of the Wild

I had a great time in Florida! The storms dropped bucketfuls of rain on us, but that didn't damper our fun! I wish I could've stayed a while longer, but such is grown up life. Darn jobs & responsibilities. ;)

Anyhow, back to art! I recently remembered an art show that occurs every year here in Utah at the Hogle Zoo, and as such, is animal-themed (my favorite!). I can submit up to three pieces--so I'll aim for creating two paintings and a sculpture. Though we'll see what I've done by the time the deadline approaches!

I need to start brain-storming ideas for what critters I want to paint/sculpt, and start doodling out compositions. The date for turning in submissions to be juried is January 17th, so I have a little over five months to create things. :) Sounds like I need to make deadlines for myself.

In other news, I should be painting a few more sculpts tonight, been trying to do some new types of things, as well as making more cute octopi. I can't get enough of them!