Friday, October 3, 2008

Kitty Cat Halloween Costumes

Say hello to our pet cat, Captain:

I'm going to be an evil cat-mommy and make him dress up for Halloween. :D He's a feisty, naughty cat--the obvious choice would be to make him dress up like a pirate, but I dunno...

Or maybe he could be a little angel (haha, riiiight):
Or maybe, MAYBE something a little more low-key, that he'd be less likely to rip off and destroy within five minutes?

Maybe I should be totally ridiculous and get a kitty wig:

Any suggestions? If you find something cute/funny, please link it in the comments! :)


twenty pound tabby said...

Great pictures! I wonder if I could get my orange toms to model a costume? They put up with quite a bit if they think they might get a kitty treat.

Shelly Rodriguez said...

I don't think that Captain (the cat in the photo at the top of the entry) would stand for ANY of the costume ridiculousness... (we're thinking of getting him a Halloween collar right now) though he will do almost anything for one of his crunchy salmon treats...

Deer Mountain Wood Art said...

OMG! roflmao! That wig on Cap is just too crazy funny!
Thank you for my first giggle of the day =D