Monday, September 22, 2008

So who else is excited about watching Heroes tonight?

I am! I'll admit that I'm a terrible fan and didn't even realize that it was coming on tonight, until a friend at work started talking about it. D'oh!

Who is your favorite character? Mine is Hiro, he's so funny and adorable! I want to be best friends with him. :)

I hadn't realized how fast September has passed by, the month is almost done! Soon Californication and Dexter will start back up, I and can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I think my favorite character is Ando! Or maybe Hiro, or even Claire? I love Ando because of his loyalty to Hiro. And tonight's episode made me happy about Ando! But about nothing else. In fact, the premier kind of turned me off. A lot. I'll give it a chance to redeem itself, because a lot of my quibbles with tonight could be intended ones, but man. I don't know.

Shelly Rodriguez said...

I used to LOVE Claire, but now, eh! I like Ando too, but Hiro is my absolute favorite right now.

IMO, think the season premiere was a lot better than most of season 2--and yes, there are a lot of annoying things going on, but I remember being annoyed with previous seasons to, and seeing things play out the way I'd hoped (for the most part!).

Actually, the only person that really felt out of character, that seriously annoyed me, was the whole thing with Mohinder. BLAH! It felt like bad, bad fanfiction.

AHhh-nna said...

Dexter I am totally excited aboot. And Pushing Daisies. Srrsly. Dexter makes me happy. I LOVE the way last season ended. Good times