Friday, September 5, 2008

The Power of Wall Decals

I think that wall decals are so clever in the ability to change a room without the fuss of paint (messy), or extensive rearranging (heavy and annoying!). Its also an easy way to update a room and add a graphic, modern flair without spending too much on art and framing costs.

I have this on my wishlist--except in white, to lighten the aqua and red color scheme we have in our bedroom. :)


Badass said...

Yaay!! Thanks so much for including us in your blog!!! We really appreciate it. :)

renovia said...

oh man! that just totally rocks my world. I need to get a headboard and a footboard so I can get some decals!

Shelly Rodriguez said...

badass: You're very welcome! Looove your stuff!

renovia: I never thought about putting them on a footboard--how sweet could that be, continuing the design from the wall 'into' the room? :) Ahhh, the possibilities!

On a Whimsey said...

Very elegant!