Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sketch Challenge, Day 3

I used reference for the woman's face and arms, but other than that, its all me. :D I'm very happy with how that figure study turned out! I guess I'm not quite as rusty at human anatomy as I thought. :) I'm looking forward to today's figure drawing lunch!

To the lower left, I couldn't help myself - I've been playing Too Much Animal Crossing. ;) So have a chibi Shiba Inu and Japanese Bobtail! Awwww.

As always, click for larger!


Bryan said...

Remarkably, I find that sketch in the top left corner similar to that of one of my friend's.... She calls it Gweak:

Not to imply plagiarism but the resemblance is uncanny! :]

Shelly Rodriguez said...

I don't know, both are very basic designs! No worries. :)