Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Sketch Challenge, Days 0 & 1

I've decided that I need to keep a sketchbook again, like I did in college - I improved so much when I did, but I've fallen out of the habit! So for the entire month of December I've challenged myself to fill up one sketchbook page per day - though since my sketchbook is small, I may bump that up to two pages. I guess we'll see how I feel each day. :)

The image with marker sketches is what originally gave me this idea, and was done on the weekend. The image with the figure study was done last night.


ismoyo said...

Love your sketches. Good plan to do new sketches daily for a month. I hope you will share a lot of the pages here for us to see!

Shelly Rodriguez said...

Thanks! :) Its a good challenge, I hope it kicks me into gear to do it regularly after the month is over.

I hope to post them every day! Knowing I will have something new to post to the blog is another incentive. :)