Sunday, November 16, 2008

WIP, plus a few sculpting tips

Here's a close-up shot of a work-in-progress for a client on Etsy, of her American Pit Bull Terrier, Xombie. I really like how his expression turned out. :) I need to add his bottom teeth and his tongue, but its a good start.

You can see a bit of the foil armature at the bottom of the photo--I typically start with a base of foil and/or wire, depending on the size of the sculpture, and the structures I need to create. Stocky shapes are usually just foil, while thinner ones are a base of wire and foil. For example, Xombie's whole body/head is foil, while his forelimbs are wire with a few layers of foil on the outside.

I'll take more photos as I go along (right now only this fellow's head/face is in any sort of 'finished' state), and explain my process a little more, over the next few days.

Happy Monday, everyone! Have a great week. :)


Leslie said...

wow Xombie looks fantastic! Your really good at what you do.

Nicki Leigh said...

Shelly, that looks amazing! I love the expression on his face ;) Promise to show more WIP photos of him ok?

Erin Tales said...

It's coming out great IMO! Cant wait to see the final product!