Monday, November 3, 2008

What I've Been Playing: Little Big Planet

I love, love, LOVE this game!

The concept of "Play, create, share," is wonderful to me. Although I haven't created any levels yet (the mood hasn't struck), playing through the levels created by other users is actually a lot of fun.

I've stuck mostly to the story mode, and have enjoyed it immensely. The settings for each group of 3-4 levels is really inspired, drawing on cultures, cities and geographical areas around the world.

The game is played with a 2D camera, and because of this the gameplay is very reminiscent of old 2D platformer games on the Nintendo/Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis, but with amazing 3D graphics in place of tiny, pixelated sprites.

You control a 'sackboy' (which can easily be transformed in to a sackgirl via accessories), and you are given almost limitless options to customize them. Fabric patterns for your 'skin', wigs, glasses, hats, dresses and jackets, even a lion's mane, ears and tail!

Your character starts out looking like everyone elses', brown, with a silver zipper, big button eyes and a happy face. But upon playing with the controller for a few seconds, pressing any button on the d-pad gives you a whole range of emotions--happy, sad, scared, angry--and different intensities.

As you play through the game, you unlock various objects to use in the level building mode, as well as stickers (used to unlock more items or secret areas), and of course, more clothing items for your sackperson.

This is one game where I feel really compelled to get 100% in all the levels, for all objectives (finishing a level, collecting all items, and finishing a level without losing a life). Each objective is rewarded with a gold icon to denote that you've completed the task, as well as even more items & accessories.

In summary - I want to stay home all week and play this game, until I've gotten everything they've hidden away in each one of the beautiful levels. I can't remember the last time that happened...

P.S: Like I just mentioned to Xavi, if Sony ever decided to sell physical sackpeople with oodles of accessories, even at the age of 24 I would buy them up (and play with them!), no question. They are too adorable for their own good!

Little Big Planet is for the Sony Playstation 3.


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Shelly Rodriguez said...

I don't like the big ones. :( I like the knit keychain mascots better--their proportions look better. I think I'll order one of those. :)

sunnie fairy said...

oh, I like that game, too! :]

Strawberry Anarchy said...

i want to play this game so bad! i have been watching you tube videos it looks amazing!