Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sophia, monster-ized!

Jenny over at My London Flat Couture commissioned me to 'monster-ize' her pup, Sophia! I think it turned out pretty cute. :) This was completely digital! Please click the image for a bigger version, so annoying when blogger shrinks things down so much!

I can do a rendition of your pet/favorite animal in a similar style for $35. You will get a web-sized image, and the original high resolution 5"x7" 300 DPI image to print.

Please email me (shelly[at] if you're interested, or have any questions. :)


VinK said...

Hi thank you for stopping by at my your blog and work..

I follow your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Look Sophia! You're FAMOUS now!!! {Sophia says Thank you Shelly!!}

Erin Tales said...

That's a really cute, original idea! I'll pass it on at the Mom Buzz ASAP!