Sunday, February 7, 2010

Time to dust off the ol' blog...

Yikes, time flies! Between the last post I've made, and today:

It was Halloween! It was Thanksgiving! It was Christmas! I went to Japan for New Years! Now... it's almost Valentine's Day. My, how times flies...

Between the crush of holidays, a looming vacation and a little bit of winter blues, my plush Ika were produced and arrived on my doorstep! YEAH!

That being said, all those in the US who were kind enough to pre-order the little guys should be expecting a happy squid to swim into your mailbox within the week; those of you who live in the grand world beyond, he might take couple of weeks to arrive. Those little tentacles get tired, you know?

His siblings are still in need of loving homes--and they can even make it to you by Valentine's day for an extra dose of cuddles and cuteness, if ordered by Wednesday the 10th.

Buy your ika here, or take a look around the rest of my store for the perfect gift for the cute-loving most-loved person in your life. :)