Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Whew! Just chugging along on this...

So its been slow going on this, but between work and Japanese classes there has been little time for it during the week! I have worked on it every night... and I had made a LOT of progress over the weekend (though of course, not as much as I'd have liked...), so hopefully this upcoming weekend I can knock it out of the park.

I scrapped the idea of making her a 'dragon princess' like in my old concept months ago, and am instead focusing on making her part of my Dominance War set of artwork. I am officially participating in the 2D contest (the 3D contest is insanely hi-poly), but I figured this was a good way to push myself to create final illustrations - gotta know what her outfit & colors are before I can texture her. :)

Gonna tweak her chest and face up a bit more tonight, and get started on her outfit and hair, finally. :)

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