Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Topsy & Turvy Tee Shirt PreOrders are OPEN!

I will be doing a small run of these, so get 'em while they're hot! If there's enough demand I'll definitely be getting more printed. :)

However, I do need a certain number of preorders in order to do this--so PLEASE pass this post around to those you think would be interested!

Preorders will be OPEN until Wednesday, August 27th. After that these guys are goin' to the shop!

Topsy and Turvy are my two new monster characters, and they are best friends even though they have different ideas about everything. For instance, Topsy thinks vanilla ice cream is delicious, but Turvy adores Avocado & Chocolate flavor!

These are printed on 100% pre-shrunk cotton, chocolate brown tees, with a three color process.

$25 in the US ($20 + $5 shipping). Please contact me if you're outside of the US and need a shipping quote before you commit.

My Paypal is EMAIL me with your sizing info, which email you use for paypal (if different from your normal email), if you wants a women's or men's cut, and of course your shipping address. :)

Comment here if you have any questions--I'll try to reply ASAP. :)

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Hermann said...

Chocolate _and_ Avocado? That's crazy talk! On the other hand plain Vanilla ice cream is kinda boring.