Monday, April 25, 2011


A lot has happened since October 2010! After a whirlwind November weekend spent in NYC, my husband and I found new jobs which resulted in a move across the country from Salt Lake City, Utah, to New York, New York at the very beginning of December.

In October I finally decided to branch my store stuff from my portfolio work, resulting in a brand new venture called inki-jinx! All of my cute goodies can be found at

I have a blog on tumblr, as well as a Facebook page! Follow me there if you use either service. :)

I've still been making art--including my first finished non-digital piece in a very long time, for a fundraiser to help the Japan Tsunami Relief effort.


Anonymous said...

Woah! Those are huge changes! Congrats though :) Sounds awesome! I recently came upon your blog again while unpacking a box full of magnets, out came your card (because of the cutest squid ever) and I decided to look you up again & track your art. :)

Unknown said...

Ahhh, it's so good to hear from you, Preita! Do you still have that cutey blue wall monster I made for you? :)

It seems like your life has been full of big steps forward, too. :) Yay for happy life changes!

lovesports said...

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